1. Beat The Winter Blues From Our West Fort Collins Apartments

    For many folks, February tends to be a pretty trying month. With Daylight Savings Time starting back up on March 10th, it seems like winter’s dark and chilly grasp is nearly done with. But the coldest temperatures of the year, accompanied by the 60+ dark and cold days that you’ve already endured…Read More

  2. What’s Going On In Fort Collins This Month: February Edition

    We’ve officially made it to the second calendar month of the year! For many folks, January seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. For others, the month dragged on, marked by stressful and long days at work, frigid temperatures (especially the midwest given the Great Polar Vortex of 2019!), and d…Read More

  3. Communities Near Our Fort Collins Apartments Worth Checking Out

    Fort Collins may be at the heart of Northern Colorado (and a nice midpoint between Cheyenne and Denver along the greater Front Range Metropolitan Corridor), but there are many incredible communities to discover if you’re willing to hop in the car and drive a little bit. Don’t worry, we won’t m…Read More

  4. What’s Happening In Fort Collins This January

    There are two types of apartment dwellers: people that enjoy going out, and homebodies. Of course, your social preference probably isn’t that black and white, but if you had to pick, you could probably identify more with one than the other. How do you prefer to spend your time? At Summit at Orchar…Read More

  5. How To Keep Your Cool Around Your Family During The Holidays

    If Thanksgiving wasn’t enough of a patience test for you, the month of December and the time surrounding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is sure to challenge you. Many families around the country feature a holiday dynamic that includes but is not necessarily limited to children running amok, stres…Read More

  6. More Cold Weather Tips To Help You Stay Warm And Comfy This Winter

    Gone are the days of 7:30 p.m. sunsets, shorts, sandals, and eating out on a restaurant's patio. We’re deep in the holiday season between the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the wonder of Christmas, a time that most holiday lovers would consider to be quite prime. While the energy at our Fort Collin…Read More

  7. What’s Going On Around Fort Collins This December?

    Now that Thanksgiving festivities have officially wrapped up, we trust that you’ve knocked out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in anticipation of the holiday season. It’s finally that joyous time of year once again! Halloween was spooky and fun, Thanksgiving was contemplative and who…Read More

  8. Fun Facts About One Of Our Favorite Holidays

    Many aspects of Thanksgiving (or, shall we say, pre-Black Friday) have changed a lot over the centuries since the 1600s. Of course, since then, pretty much everything has changed — Fort Collins was hundreds of years away from existing at that point, after all! What hasn’t changed much over the y…Read More