1. More Cold Weather Tips To Help You Stay Warm And Comfy This Winter

    Gone are the days of 7:30 p.m. sunsets, shorts, sandals, and eating out on a restaurant's patio. We’re deep in the holiday season between the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the wonder of Christmas, a time that most holiday lovers would consider to be quite prime. While the energy at our Fort Collin…Read More

  2. What’s Going On Around Fort Collins This December?

    Now that Thanksgiving festivities have officially wrapped up, we trust that you’ve knocked out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in anticipation of the holiday season. It’s finally that joyous time of year once again! Halloween was spooky and fun, Thanksgiving was contemplative and who…Read More

  3. Fun Facts About One Of Our Favorite Holidays

    Many aspects of Thanksgiving (or, shall we say, pre-Black Friday) have changed a lot over the centuries since the 1600s. Of course, since then, pretty much everything has changed — Fort Collins was hundreds of years away from existing at that point, after all! What hasn’t changed much over the y…Read More

  4. Apartment Essentials That You Should Buy In Bulk

    Apartment Essentials That You Should Buy In Bulk

    There are few things out there that are better than the feeling of a well-stocked apartment. After searching far and wide online for “pet friendly apartments in Fort Collins,” you finally stumbled upon Summit at Orchard Place (after all, you weren’t going to risk sneaking in your pet). After g…Read More

  5. Spooky Nearby Halloween Activities To Celebrate The End Of October

    Spooky Nearby Halloween Activities to Celebrate the End of October

    If you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming holiday season, then you probably can’t wait for Halloween and the associated festivities of this spooky holiday. It’s true that Halloween itself isn’t necessarily clumped together with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other la…Read More

  6. How To Save On Heating And Electric Costs During The Winter

    How to Save On Heating and Electric Costs During the Winter

    Humans are, generally speaking, creatures of comfort. This means exactly what it sounds like; we simply enjoy being comfortable. 68-72 degrees is our preferred temperature, soft, loose-fitting clothing is our preferred garment choice, and homemade mac and cheese is one of the ultimate forms of comfo…Read More